To register as a venue or an artist please submit the following information to 

1.) Are you registering as an artist, as a venue, or both? 

2.) What is your venue name and/or artist name?

3.) What is your physical address and your mailing address (if different)?

4.) What is your phone number? 

5.) Please list links to your website, Facebook, and Instagram (if applicable).

6.) If you are an artist, please describe your media in just a few words (i.e. landscape photography, collage, oil paint, quilt, mural). 

7.) If you are a venue, please describe your business or organization in just a few words (i.e. restaurant, tasting room, gift shop, art gallery). 

If you are registering as a venue, please note that you are committing to participation in all nine Thursdays in July and August from 5:00 to 8:00. Artist registration operates on a rolling basis and you may register anytime. Venue registration for the 2019 Art Walk continues through June 15, 2019. 

After you register, please allow several days for your information to be updated on the website.